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Agnes and John Schrader Sr. started Beech Hill Farm in 1960. Their goal was to offer a horse facility for kids and adults to learn, enjoy and have a safe and professional experience. Agnes and John Sr. did so until 1991, at which time they retired and moved to Arizona. John Sr. was an accomplished professional, who was very well liked, and was very well respected in the horse community. Agnes and John Sr. both worked towards establishing their goals and dreams of making Beech Hill Farm what it is today.


In 1991 Marlene Von Hagen and John Schrader Jr. took over Beech Hill Farm and continued to run it with the same traditions and respect that John’s father instilled in him. John Jr. and Marlene have grown up with horses all of their life, their hearts and concerns of the horses and their customers always come first. Marlene runs the summer camps that all of the kids will learn, enjoy and want to come back again and again.

Our History

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